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User name:PavDub
Name:Pavel Dubsk√Ĺ
Location:Czech Republic, Prague
Bio:self-trained c++ / pacal programmer since about 2004
- programming is my hobby :)
- using for scientific calculations (simulations)
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Header files? http://...

Is this pointer arithmetics safe?
Well guys, we are getting a bit OT ... So to summarize: [b]Question :[/b] Is this pointer arithme...

Returning references in c++
so you should get it, right? if not so, maybe one more hint> do not read [b]reference variable[/b...

Is this pointer arithmetics safe?
I see it not as much compiler issue as standard issue... I mean it is not undefined because you can ...

Returning references in c++
c and d (*d) are not simple integers. They are variables (of type of simple integer, perhaps). try...

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