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How to install SFML-2.2 into Ubuntu 14.04 and integrate with Code::Blocks?
I am using Ubuntu 14.04. I tried a lot to install SFML-2.2 but it never get installed correctly. H...

How do I make a simple web crawler using C++?
I want to make a simple web crawler using C++. Can a web crawler be made with C++? If yes, then what...

What interesting things can I make using C++?
I have been learning C++ for 8-9 months. But actually I am not being happy with it. I can't feel the...

How to get the index of an element into a vector most efficiently?
I found binary_search() in STL which will return true if an element equivalent to val is found, and ...

Recursion problem.
Then which technique will fix the problem? Where should I make change?

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