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Bio:Well I am currently in DeVry learning about c++ and heading into web game programming I have been learning about c++ now for about 1 year and I still have a lot to learn I am working on a chatbot right now and i really am making some good progress on it but i am running into a few things every once in a while I don't know so much... but anyway i am an avid c++ programmer now and forever.
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clearing the screen
That looks liek a very interesting application to use I think after I get the basics completed I mig...

clearing the screen
Well no its not for school i just say project because that what I call a program but I am atucally w...

clearing the screen
Alright well I was wondering how one might clear the console screen in a program without using syste...

Why does the intro message repeat
Alright well the program is working over all great but for some reason once it runs once and goes to...

save in a mkdir
oh alright i see what your talking about i ran that through and changed a few things and it seems t...

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