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Name:Ray Would
Bio:I'm a Chartered Builder.
I'm now retired having worked as a structural designer for the first 15 years of my career and then as a Construction Project Manager for the next 35 years before retiring.
Started programming on a Tandy TRS80 but did very little over the last 20 years, so I'm now trying to learn a few programming languages. Basic it's the easiest for me, but I'm also learning C++ and Object Pascal.
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C equivalent of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char")
@Repeater [quote]I can't see why you need to use malloc just to print the same character n times. [/...

C equivalent of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char")
Thank you all for your help. I thought I was compiling using GCC, but it appears I was using g++ , ...

C equivalent of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char")
@Repeater No, I want it to be in C. I tried it first using the C++ version, but it doesn't work wit...

C equivalent of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char")
I am looking for the equivalent in C of BASIC's STRING$(80,"char") ie printing out a string of 80 sa...

Simple IDE Zinjal
I have recently come across the Zinjal IDE for C++. It is a simple IDE but has lots of features. I...

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