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DeviceIOControl weird problem
Hi guys! Can you help me please. I have a program that is running in 64bit but the ide i am usin...

Get Complete Device/Drive Path
Hi guys! Help! I need to get the complete device path of a drive. For example: SATA Disk D...

Getting Device Interface Protocol (SCSI or ATA protocol)
Hi guys! I need help. I need to know drive's protocol. For example I have 3 drives: SATA Driv...

Getting Storage Bus Type(SCSI/ATA/ etc) before using IOCTL
Hi Guys, I can't find a way getting storage drives' bus type (SCSI/ATA/etc.) without or before se...

Accessing Direct Memory Access in Windows XP (Transfer Mode)
Hi Guys! I really need your help! I need to know how can i get the current transfer mode (DMA ...

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