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Bio:I know but I am still learning C++, as well as Java.
PM me if u want me to help u with something, such as a function, a program, etc. Besides, u can PM me if u want to show me something u discovered, a great function or even a C++ trick.
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A consise way to get stuff.
Here is the final code, use a "_" for spaces, [code]#include <iostream> #include <map> using namespa...

about compiler
for compiler, i use GNU GCC compiler

help for reading from text file !!!!
use a char, it works as well. For example: [code]void /*function name*/(char filename){ fstream file...

Computer guess my number
Yes, it is a very good approach, but this part can be omitted and u can still get the result. [code]...

Student class
hahaha its ok. In fact, I didn't realize until i ran the program with ur correction, so thank you. T...