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Name:Rodolfo Alcala
Location:United States
Bio:I am new to C++ programming. I am currently enrolled in DeVry University majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. I recently started admitting that I enjoy programming. I just now have come across some programming labs in class that has me getting headaches. Once I figure this hurdle I will be more comfortable with programming again.
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Validating a Price.
I am getting the string "1100./0" from an external file. I am using the getline to read it. Then I...

Validating a Price.

find the smaller integer, logic error?
okay, this is what is going on. When you set the int smaller function you declared it as an integer...

find the smaller integer, logic error?
First thing I noticed was the cin statement. You can write it like this: [code]cin >> a >> b;[/code...

Validating a Price.
Okay, I have been trying to figure this out for a week now just by looking up online. Now I have to...