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Setting up GNU/GCC issues.
Thanks guys I will try it out! (I'm going to try and get the deb source from a win7 computer and tra...

Setting up GNU/GCC issues.
So I'll need a C++ compiler to build the GCC C++ compile( to build the GNU universal compiler)? Any...

Why are you learning c++?
Oh wait I misread the title :P For c++... hmm... I like how fast c++ is, and how it is compiled an...

Why are you learning c++?
I wish to be able to hack one day. No, no, no, I don't want to be a hacker, I want to be capable of...

Setting up GNU/GCC issues.
I am running [b]Xubuntu[/b] x86. Please note where I say "building" I mean roughly the following com...