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Bio:Currently serving in the US Air Force (Go Blue), and work in Linguistics. However, I spent some time at Oregon Tech studying Software Engineering, and am really interested in coding.

This makes me a novice, but I'm really trying to learn here, so be patient with me!
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Text Based Game Attempt
ah for the record, the issue was that I was declaring the string outside of the function. smh

Text Based Game Attempt
Hello All. I am a novice programmer, and as such, might be getting in over my head with this, but I ...

Sending Executable Files
You are correct on that. just payed a visit to the Dropbox site. thanks

Sending Executable Files
@ whitenite which email provider do you use? gmail finds it even in a zipped folder. @Lachlan Y...

Sending Executable Files
Hello! I am just wondering if it is possible to send a project to someone via email - In a simple wa...