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User name:Zenas
Location:ZIP 59330
Bio:I always loved high tech and electronics, but due to location, I find it difficult to enjoy the high tech realm. I took programing in college about a decade ago (I got an "A"), but wouldn't you know it, about a month after graduating VB5 went belly up. It really bummed me out.

About a year ago I tried to learn python but without a goal in mined I soon abandoned that foray. I now wish to learn c/c++. I have the long term goal of using programing to earn enough money to move far away from here... maybe even buy a house on ten acres...

I understand that this will take years to get good at and a lifetime to perfect. But I am willing to learn if you are willing to instruct and answer questions.

Long, Long, Long term goals

step 1) learn c/c++

step 2) learn URBIscript

step 3) learn system programing

step 4) learn cluster programing

step 5) Build Joe Minotaur

God willing it will come to pass.

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