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expected deceleration before '}' token
You're probably right. My visual studio 2019 (trial expired) won't open anymore and I can install t...

expected deceleration before '}' token
Okay... I'm getting "expected deceleration before '}' token on line 98" If I remove a couple bracket...

Error: expected ; before 'endl'
Gosh darn it, okay I added the cin >> email. Still an idiot making silly mistakes despite coding fo...

Error: expected ; before 'endl'
Any idea why I'm getting that on line 25 & line 26? Unless I am seriously misreading this, I clearl...

Why is (10*5) giving me 2?
... is it 50? @Furry Guy Why am I getting outputs in ASCII all of a sudden? I don't see anything ab...

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