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Name:Allen Dukes
Location:fayetteville nc
Bio:US Army going on 23 years. Currently at Fort Bragg. Working on a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. 9 Classes left...whew!
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Understanding this code snippet
Thanks....wish I truly understood what the code is doing but it still appears foreign. Rather than j...

Understanding this code snippet
Looking for a bit of help stepping through this code and how the answer (22360) is achieved? Nothing...

Binary Search working minor problem
Thanks! Guess working on assignments at 330 in the am has an effect on coherency and clarity of the ...

Binary Search working minor problem
Not sure why I cannot figure this small problem out with my program. I've read in a file of name str...

Help...Binary Search not working
So I should be using friendArray[position] where position will return the result of the search funct...

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