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Name:Allen Dukes
Location:fayetteville nc
Bio:US Army going on 23 years. Currently at Fort Bragg. Working on a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. 9 Classes left...whew!
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Understanding function definitions with Pointer parameters
Can someone help me understand coding function definition for a prototype that includes pointers and...

Menu Function Code check
Don't have access to a compiler today to test my code and asking someone to look this code over for ...

Read Word file into String Array
Great! I feel a bit better about this project. Complicated for a beginner. The program ultimate goal...

Read Word file into String Array
Hello, working on a school project and asking for sanity check of my code. I have a word file single...

Three letter game
Hello, beginner programming student here. Had a year long break due to deployment and became very ru...

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