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Progress! Then I hit a wall :)
Oh that helped! I see the sorted sorted array now. So I have to compare that to the _Grades.txt file...

Progress! Then I hit a wall :)
It's actually compiling. No errors now. but I'm doing something wrong in #1 and I can't tell what it...

Progress! Then I hit a wall :)
It's a menu. So far I'm just working on the first 2 menu options. Couple of issues: 1. option #1 - ...

why this loop?
I haven't even looked at that menu option yet. The code below the menu is not final yet. I'm working...

why this loop?
This is what I'm getting as it is currently for option #1: 1000 T C 3 C 1001 h o 9 A 1002 e f 3 C 1...

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