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Name:Anmol Kumar
Location:Chandigarh, India
Bio:Above 7 Yrs. of experience in designing and developing software using C/C++.

Have extensive experience in analysis; design, development and support of microcontroller based embedded software applications using C while understanding the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Have experience in developing device drivers, developing applications using wavecom GSM/GPRS modems, UART/USART communication (RS-232) protocols, Hayes AT commands and implementation of multithreading concepts.
Have experience with movement sensor, vibration sensor, temperature sensor, Resistance based fuel level sensor, tilt sensor, buffers, decoders, voice OTP IC, ADC (10 bit resolution), amplifiers, electronic circuits, GLCD
(240X128), LCD (20X2), SMPS, RTC, membrane keypad (4X4), bill validator, MICR reader, thermal printer, note dispenser, coin dispenser, card reader, coin acceptor, JTAG Interface and On-Chip debugging.

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