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Free Open Source Kart Racer
Yeah, they've done an excellent job. I just beat the game in story mode on novice and I'm having a l...

Free Open Source Kart Racer
[b]SuperTuxKart[/b] (STK) is a fast and fun kart racing game that you can play with kids, parents or...

OpenMW version 0.20.0 is out
OpenMW is a new engine for 2002's Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. This is our nint...

On behalf of the OpenMW team, hello! [b] About our project[/b] OpenMW is a new game engine for th...

Open Source Morrowind version 0.19.0 Released
In case anyone is interested what we're currently working on for the next release. Here is our roadm...

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