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Name:Siti Norbaya Azizan
Bio:Currently I am working as a lecturer in a college in Penang, Malaysia. I am teaching the C++ Programming subject to the Computer Engineering students. I always love programming, have general experiences using the C++ Builder, and Basic Stamps during my undergrads years. As currently I am teaching the C++ Language, I am looking forward to enhance my knowledge in this field.
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New To C++
Is this what u mean? Try this, working or not: #include <iostream> #include<string> #include<stdi...

Good Compiler
ok, thanx guys!

Help with C++
You just have to manipulate the strlen() function from string.h. Just for an example: if(strlen(s...

Good Compiler
Can you suggest some of good compilers/editors? For the mean time, I am using the Crimson Editor and...

Logical not '!=' ??
I think the if loop inside the do-while is not needed. You can just write the program like this: do...

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