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Name:Carson Rupp
Bio:Young and trying to teach myself since I cannot take a course in highschool. If any of you experienced programmers have tips for me, I'd be glad to hear them.
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Adding Int
Okay. From what I had understood about [code]rand()[/code] was that it would give you the same numbe...

Adding Int
I am wanting to create random event occurrences in a game I am trying to make. I dont know how else...

Adding Int
I currently have a code that will create random numbers. [code]int i; // counter srand(time(NULL)...

Build Problem
jlb, all I added to it was the do while statements. I had the rest already coded and had been compil...

Build Problem
It isn't just a read only file. Also, I cannot place the code into this because it consists of over...

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