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Name:Carson Rupp
Bio:Young and trying to teach myself since I cannot take a course in highschool. If any of you experienced programmers have tips for me, I'd be glad to hear them.
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Why does this not calculate right?
This is a piece of code that I found that doesn't properly calculate the way it should. Why is this?...

Calling Functions
Whenever I attempt to run this I get the error: Range-based loops are not allowed in C++98 mode. Am ...

Calling Functions
How would I use variables in the situation though. As if the [code]number1[/code], [code]number2[/co...

Calling Functions
Say I have a function that I have created that was to run a mathematical equation to find a certain ...

Data Storing
I am looking to create a text based game application and I currently have no problems and understand...

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