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how to translate-> static uint8_t * song = (uint8_t*)"C2.C2,D4,C4,F4,E8,";
Hi all, Can kindly help to translate [code]static uint8_t * song = (uint8_t*)"C2.C2,D4,C4,F4,E8,";...

what does "->", "&=" and "|=" means?
Stewbond, Thanks a lot. It is a very good example :)

what does "->", "&=" and "|=" means?
Hi maeriden, Thanks indeed for your explanation. It is indeed very helpful and clear. :) as for "c...

what does "->", "&=" and "|=" means?
[code] if (a) { b->c |= d; } else { b->c &= ~d; } [/code] Above code means, if a is true, things...

compare two words
Hi all, I am currently trying to compare two words. Example : String1 = "BAAA", String2 = "AA". W...