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Why am I only returning 1?
I've pasted my entire code (minus the header), but the focus is simply lines 130 onward in both file...

Dynamically Allocating for Multi-Dimensional Array
I have this piece of code that may or may not be correct (feel free to comment on it, but that's not...

Return type of class functions
I guess I'll attach my other code. [code] #include "PiggyBank.h" #include <iostream> using namespac...

Return type of class functions
I was given some code that looked like this (I added the default constructor and private declaration...

SPARC Assembly
.begin .org 2048 ! for (a=0; a<5; main: ld [a], %r2 ! load a into register 2 top: subcc %r2, 5, %r0...

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