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Bio:The mission of Change Management Training is to develop leaders who can effectively manage change at work. Developed by leading innovators and management thought leaders over the last 25 years, Change Management Series had three main modules which target fundamental skill development for executives tasked with managing large-scale organizational changes and turbulence within an organization. This comprehensive Change Management series focuses on communication, change management culture, and leadership and team building. It includes the study of change management concepts, strategies, and tools.

Communication Strategies. Communication strategies are developed around the four change management processes Developing Culture, Managing Change, Managing Resources, and Performance and Results. These strategies help managers build a strong foundation of understanding and support for employees facing change within the company. These strategies also help leaders explain the change to employees and explain why it is being done. Employees learn how to better understand change in their own organizations as well as how to best work with their managers to implement change.

Change Management Culture. Change Management training teaches employees how to build and maintain positive interpersonal relationships as part of change management training. These relationships translate to better performance and employee engagement across the entire organization. Employees also learn how to deal with different personalities in different situations. This helps them to work effectively with others both inside and outside the workplace. When employees are comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to be engaged in work-related activities, communicate effectively with co-workers, and be responsible for their own productivity.

Managing Change. In the module focused on organizational resiliency, leaders are taught how to manage change while maintaining organizational alignment with its core values and vision. Resiliency involves building organizational resiliency from the top down by hiring and training good leaders, engaging workers, creating a good culture, and maintaining good communication. Learning objectives in this training teaches leaders how to effectively manage change and provide employees with the tools they need to be effective.

Change Management Best Practices. Change Management best practices are strategies and techniques that managers apply both inside and outside of the workplace to promote organizational growth. These include everything from informal and structured brainstorming sessions to using social networks to spread information across the organization. The idea behind these best practices is that the more informed a manager is about an issue, the more likely he or she will be able to act accordingly. Therefore, learning these strategies can benefit both managers and employees by increasing employee satisfaction and helping to build organizational resiliency.

Learning about Change Management Processes. Another key element to successful change management training programs is learning how different processes relate to one another. This ties into the first two factors, which are training and implementing policies and procedures. Understanding these processes, and being able to tie them together, will allow managers to implement their policies and procedures more effectively, and allow employees greater job control.

Change Management Best Practices. There are many books, articles, and videos on the best practices for change management training. However, the value of learning these things outside of the classroom is that managers can use these examples when making decisions themselves, particularly in regards to complex issues such as labor disputes. This helps managers learn how to communicate their ideas in a clear and reasonable manner, as well as being able to look employees in the eye while making decisions.


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