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Bio:Hello, my name is Chase Jackson. I have been programming for about eight years. I've always wanted to get into C++, but it's rather intimidating. Now I don't care; I'm going to master it. I understand the majority of the language, but there are a few concepts that make my head spin, so I thought this forum would be nice enough to help me out.
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Best Practices for Pointers and References
My goodness. Thank you very much! That answered everything in a very clear way. =)

Can't #include <array>
Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much!

Best Practices for Pointers and References
[Edit Note: as I made this is kind of mutated, so if there's more than two questions, or if it stays...

Can't #include <array>
The reason I am posting this under Linux programming is the I'm using Ubuntu's SDK or AKA QT Creator...

Reference VS Pointers
@NT3 Thanks, that article really cleared things up for me.