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strange error at ending of main
I want to use "+" with many MyString for example [code] MyString a,b,c,d; a.input(); b.input();

strange error at ending of main
hi there is some kind of "Debug Error!" when i debug my program it's just a simple "MyString" cl...

LNK errors (LNK2019 and LNK1120)
Thanks coder777. It's exactly the problem. I just forget to define the constructor Your code have s...

LNK errors (LNK2019 and LNK1120)
Hi, I create a new project with precompiled header here my project Complex.h [code] //Complex ...

How to use CopyMemory with integer? API in C++
I use Shared Memory for communication between 2 processes. Then I use CopyMemory function to send...

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