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If string contains the word "x" do something?
Hello How can i make an if with a text detection? i want to do something like- if the string contai...

Every compiler crashes when i run this program
Ok, this might sound stupid but my friends challenged me to make a swastika in a matrix. Apparently ...

Error:no match for "operator-" i?
@Zereo i can't place the whole project ,it's just huge

Error:no match for "operator-" i?
I am sorry ,i am beginner in c++ . So bphp and i are both "unsigned int" variables And i tried to se...

Error:no match for "operator-" i?
srand ( time(NULL) ); if (u==1) { o=rand() % 10; i=RazvanDMG+o; bphp=bphp-i; c...

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