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To find disjoint paths in a network graph
I want to find maximum disjoint paths of a network graph and want to save all those nodes/edges.I n...

C programming Basic 2
Yeah I got it . But I didn't get that why x 'in the main' >> (main(x)) get value 1?? I have to re...

C programming Basic 2
#include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> int main(x) { int y,z; y=-~x; z=printf("hi\r"); printf("%d",x ...

C programming Basic 1
I am learning C . So it will come into the concepts . I have to learn scanf also :( :( .

C programming Basic 1
Why dont we use '&' in the case of strings in function scanf ?? e.g. :- scanf("%s",date); here ...