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User name:digitalwarfare
Name:David Dunne
Location:Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Bio:I'm a Computer Technician, Working for a computer company in Surrey, UK.

I like working with computers, Learning new things.
I also play EVE online. I started with computers when i was 7. My first was a ZX spectrum, which I learned basic, then went on to learn Z80 Assembly.

I'm fond of any science, and love to learn new things.

I also like to spend my free time out and about with my good lady.
favorite TV includes : Red Dwarf, Buffy / Angel, Walking dead, and pretty much anything SCI-FI. I also love to spend time watching documentaries.
I also love to drink beer, and socialise too.

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Birthdate:Dec 19, 1978
Skills:Z80 Assembly
Number of posts:17
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