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void function
You current program is almost working: you need only to change [code]void upper_lower(string x)[/cod...

Go to Void(s) from Menu system.
It is a big mess. Please use code tags... However: 1. [code]MenuRepeat = FALSE();[/code] should be [...

Reading specific bits from an 8 bit binary number
If your decimal number 178 is an int32, you could use std::bitset<32>. See

How to calculate exponents using for loops?
To handle negative exponent and even base 0: [code]double power(int base, int exponent) { if (expon...

Vector and Carray doubt
Yes, but generally you should write [code]m_Points1.push_back(CPoint(10, 20));[/code] or [code]m_Poi...

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