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String Turkish character problem
Try using wchar_t instead of char, and also wstring, wcin and wcout. [code]#include <iostream> #incl...

how can I printed the result with 10 numbers per row and with 5-character width for each number?
adding [code] if ((counter % 10) == 0) { cout << endl; } [/code] after [code]counter++;[...

Matrix class using vector
Your code with code tags: [code]#include<iostream> #include<vector> using namespace std; class Mat...

Identifying values between tags [Help Needed]
You can start changing line 17 with: [code]std::string delim2 = "[/" + input + "]";[/code] Why are ...

Single "&" Inside The If-Statement in C++?
It' a bitwise AND. In this case, it tests if the bit 0* is set is the value edgeTable[cubeindex]. *:...

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