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Dice Rolling Program Help
the instruction [code]diceTotal = rollDie(6) + rollDie(6);[/code] should be inside the [b]while[/b] ...

Help With Counting Occurance with Arrays
[code]void sort(int num[], int& count)[/code] should be [code]void sort(int num[], int count)[/code]...

Help With Counting Occurance with Arrays
What are you trying to do? I didn't understand. What the function [code]Count[/code] is supposed to ...

returning char array
[b]@Duoas[/b] Excuse me, but this is a C++ forum, so I thought the OP was using C++, so I proposed s...

returning char array
I would say, it's returning garbage value because it contains garbage code. However: it doesn't comp...

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