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Name:Derek Slagle
Location:Wichita, KS
Bio:While earning a degree in Physics I had to take a couple of intro. programming classes in PASCAL(as requirements). These classes lit an interest in programming I would have otherwise never found!! I have been learning on my own and writing programs (in c++) for fun off and on ever since. Some of the best apps I have written are: 1) A user vs. PC version of Scrabble 2) A modified version of minesweeper (I'm a minesweeper nut) 3) A full featured 2D space shooter animated game which is a current ongoing project. All have supplied me with lots of learning. I often bite off way more than I can chew but so far I have always completed my chosen projects anyways. My goals ahead are to fill in the gaps in my use of GDI and API functions in my win32 projects (that is, to learn these skills more formally so I know what I'm doing solidly), move up to use of DirectX (I have some simple working apps now) and learning to use a more modern IDE (I have done everything using MS Visual C++ 6.0 so far). This site looks fun!
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T H I S S.O.S. ! ! !
And yet another... [code] bigInt& bigInt::operator+=( const bigInt& b ) { if( isPositive ) {...

Test the function. It doesn't work. It will return false for everything but an empty string = "".

What was you first programming language ?
I was introduced to programming via two required courses in Pascal in college. These were required f...

Sorry if I caused confusion with my suggestions. Do you need functions for setting hours, minutes a...

The function doesn't work. Line 10 makes it return false for every non-empty string input. [code]if ...

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