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Name:Giovanna Garcia Basilio
Location:Medianeira, Paraná
Bio:Has technical vocational course by Etec Araçatuba (2010). Studying Analysis and Systems Development - Federal Technological University of Paraná.
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FMOD function
Hello, I used the fmod function and I am confuse about the result. [code] // Sequencia ij 4 #in...

binary to decimal with function
You can get this example to know how to implement this with string: [code] #include <iostream> #incl...

Using #define
Thank you.

simple aray help :s
And do not forget, you declare an array with 3 positions, but the array starts 0 position, then you ...

Help me ! C++ !
Could be something like this too. [code] ... cout<<endl; cout<<"Enter a number to be searched: "; c...

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