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Name:Leroy Jenkins
Bio:I was a would-be honor student who has recently entered the allegedly cold and harsh world beyond adolescence. I aspire to complete my lessons in c++ now that I'm not distracted by what passes as quality education by the horribly broken system of my country. I'm told I seem to be someone of high intellect. I would disagree because of countless bouts of ignorance caused by lapses in my intellect that even god hirself doesn't know the cause of. My vocabulary is far above that of the poorly educated colleagues of my residing state, which may imply a superior intellect.

I hope my linguistic competence can prove that, contrary to the first of my information provided, I am capable of being both serious and professional. This may not be quite as easy to see because of my strong belief in the necessity of optional anonymity without hinderence, and my far more...liberal approach to professional aspects of life.
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