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Bio:The trusted BPKB car loan guarantee fund in Indonesia, the process of fast disbursement of funds is 1 day immediately liquid with low interest rates and the BPKB car is safe only at Adira Finance.

PT. Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira Finance) is a trusted and largest multipurpose finance company in Indonesia that helps customers get loan funds guaranteed by bpkb cars or used car loan financing.

Applying for a bpkb guarantee loan is one of the right ways for those of you who want to get a large amount of money loan up to the maximum limit of the bpkb car loan that has been determined.

Why do you have to choose a car bpkb pawn compared to a motorbike pawn? Because by providing a car bpkb guarantee, of course you can get a bigger loan when compared to guaranteeing a bpkb motorbike. In addition, the requirements and methods of pawning a car bpkb are much easier.

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