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Bio:Former Student in English History.
I've been teaching myself C++ as a hobby for a while now.
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Issue reading from file.
My bad, I was trying to access [code]slots[index].Rect[/code] whereas I defined it as [code]Slot* sl...

unable to analyse a line of code in c++
Here is a topic I recently posted, it was about stream object and not cin. hopefully this can help y...

Problems with cin not picking up all strings?
If you put a space in your input, between the number and the item name, you should get what you want...

Issue reading from file.
I feel sort of bad. I really appreciate your effort. And I do understand where you're coming from wi...

Issue reading from file.
[quote]I don't see a vector.[/quote] [code]inventory[count].slots.push_back(*slots);[/code] [quote...