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x++ * ++x?
Hi, may I know why is y= 35 instead of 36??? int x=5,y; y=x++*++x; cout<<y // Output: 35

i++ question
May I know why i is not 2 but 1? Thank you. [code] i=1; i=i++; cout<<i<<endl;[/code]

Rounding offto 2 decimal points
Wow, thank you very much!!!

Rounding offto 2 decimal points
Hi, may I know how to round off a number to only 2 decimal points? For example, 2.789 becomes 2.79 ...

How to obtain current minute?
Thanks, and may I know what is the meaning of ( time( 0 ) % 3600 ) / 60? What is time(0) and why it ...

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