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Why is the output going to be 3?
Sorry for the many questions. I am studying for my final in a week and i am going over my midterm. ...

What does cin.get(ch), cin.ignore(20, ' '), and getline(cin,name) mean in this program?
Write your question here. [code] #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() {ch...

I dont know how to make the question stop popping up
I have to write a program that uses a loop to get the sum of all integers from up to 1 entered. For ...

I keep getting a run time error but the code compiles and opens??
i dont understand [code] //help from Chegg tutors //Ayila Reese #include <iostream> using n...

I can't get all the identifiers to come out not right
For example when i enter _3d digit, it comes out saying this is valid. I am confused as to why [c...

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