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Need help! User input to add to a .txt file
I'm writing a program that gives the user the option to display the first five names (one name on ea...

Help Please! Error messages with classes.
I'm fairly new to C++, and my programming vocab is rusty, where is the constructor of the class loca...

Help Please! Error messages with classes.
I am writing a credit card simulator that uses classes. On my CreditCard.h file, I am getting error ...

Help Please! Binary 2 Decimal conversion using recursion.
I need to write a code that validates a user's entry as only 1's and 0's, and converts it into a dec...

Help Please!! input not triggering the correct if statement
[code] cout << "Dec2Bin or Bin2Dec or Quit? (D/B/Q): "; cin >> choice; if (choice == 'D' || choi...

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