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Is it possible to overload a class for passing to a function?
Hi Does [b]MyObject.getWhatIWant()[/b] return the same type as Myobject? If it doesn't, u can over...

Inheritence question
Hi [b]L B[/b] [u]Thank you very much! [/u] You made it awesomely clear :)

Inheritence question
Hi [b]L B[/b] Thank you. As I studied, the Encapsulation of OO is to not expose the implementation...

Inheritence question
Hi [b]Cubbi[/b], [b]LB[/b], [b]Mutexe[/b], Thank you very much! lerand a lot! I have additional d...

Inheritence question
hi [b]mutexe[/b] Thank a lot! [quote]regarding setPosition: do you want this to do different thing...

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