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Help with prime number code C++
[code] C:\c>g++ -O3 tools.cpp C:\c>prompt $t$g 8:49:03.89> 8:49:05.39>a number of primes = 3132470...

Help with prime number code C++
debug mode is absolutely a big deal for speed. but those push-back calls are likely one of your per...

Opinions on best ways to draw a "playing field" (First stage of a simple console game).
2-d constructs can be trouble or beautiful. Pros: they stretch in both directions as a vector bui...

Resources for socket programming and low level programming in Windows
I think maybe he has confused devices ON a real computer and embedded computing. Embedded computing...

Help with prime number code C++
goodness, that is slow. This isnt the best code; its something I did ages ago for a similar homewor...

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