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C++20: The Unspoken Features
The article on C++20 features that you probably haven't heard of. Highly recommended!:) https://...

CppCast: Catch2 and Std::random
Rob and Jason are joined by Martin Hořeňovský. They first discuss some ISO papers and Jason learn...

CppCast: Physical Units
Rob and Jason are joined by Mateusz Pusz. They first discuss the 10.1 update of GCC and an article f...

C++ Is Faster and Safer Than Rust: Benchmarked by Yandex
This article continues a good tradition of busting myths about the Rust language shared by some big-...

Postmodern C++ Revisited
Rob and Jason are joined by Tony Van Eerd. They first discuss some conference news, including Micros...

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