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Name:Raphel Dann
Bio:I am a student of Electronics.
From about last year i am getting very much interested in C++ programming and Linux systems.
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SIGABRT error cause for this program
If I'm correct it means that I am trying to set a bit position that is out of range right!!!

SIGABRT error cause for this program
What is the casuse of SIGABRT error in this program [code]#include <iostream> #include <cmath> #i...

How to declare a boolean array in C++?
I want to create a boolean array whose size is 31623 and all values assigned to 0. However for this ...

SIGSEGV Error Cause??????
The above was the sample input given for the spoj question [quote]

SIGSEGV Error Cause??????
SAMPLE INPUT 7 3 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 2 5 3 4 4 1 1 7 3