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Reading files over 4gb
NGen, could you give me an example of some code that seeks to 4gb then checks if its valid. [code] i...

Reading files over 4gb
Im using this to get the size of a file: [code] long long Get_Size(string filename) { //size_t file...

Reading multiple bytes from a file.
I can read a singular byte from a file using: [code] FILE *f = fopen(nfn, "rb"); int n; if(f) { ...

reading/writing bytes??
I can write bytes to a file using: [code] int byte=5;//Random byte number.. :P FILE *o=fopen("test.t...

Help with parellel input and ouput.
OK it seems that i can't use '39dll' with the WIn32 program, so i need a way to do it in the console...

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