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Bio:Amateur C++ programmer and CG modeller/animator. No money for school so I'm teaching myself both in hopes of someday working in the video games industry. Thank god for the internet and freeware, else this would not be possible.

I am currently working in console programming for a self-devised text-based RPG, so many of my queries will be focused around completing that project.

I have been using this site for references where my collection of programming bibles fail, but even with all that reference to hand, there are still problems I'm struggling to understand and rectify.

Although I'm fairly new at C++, I at least have the primer of being well-versed in HTML, which was also self-taught.

Anyhow, any and all help any one can provide will be greatly appreciated. Although I'm sure you're used to it, bear with me to understand what I'm asking at times, as I may not even be sure myself. :)
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