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Bio:Dans un premier temps on vérifie la config, les réglages, le products et ensuite on passe aux choses sérieuses. So given that we have a base install lets make it a bit more fun and automated. CS: GO features new maps, personas, and weapons and offers updated versions of the common CS content (de_dirt, etc.). Furthermore, CS: GO will bring in new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.
Guantanamo Bay is an enormous issue! A supposedly 'civilised american region' which casts itself from the likes of Islamic barbarism, is signing up to similar methods of torture and misuse. THE UNITED KINGDOM is party to the also! I have not seen nor am i going to watch the vids, never brain posting links. I do not want to see the atrocities.
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Misused (while) for loop, and program no longer functions
thanks for this solution Repeater!

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