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!! Due in 4 hours !! Recursive function
There are 2 "Fische". You can see this at the init_graph function at the 3rd and 8th node but also a...

!! Due in 4 hours !! Recursive function
Hi! I have an assignment it's called the Markov-Chain. In principe I have a Directed Graph with 10 ...

Double-linked list shaker sort
Still didn't work; the program crashes at the ap.n = b line. Anyway I don't think beating myself up ...

Double-linked list shaker sort
[quote]ok. you need 4 branches, I think. head and anything swap, tail and anything swap, and 2 mid...

Double-linked list shaker sort
[quote]you can either swap the data or swap the pointers. data is easier for your list, if you have...

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