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Name:Wayne Wohlfahrt
Location:Smiths Falls
Bio:I'm an Electronic engineering technician and a Network systems engineer. I have programming skills in C++ and C#. I like to program in C++ for fun. All of the desktop computers in my home run Ubuntu Linux and my laptops run Windows 10. I also have several android tablets and a home network. I use Code::blocks as my IDE on all my devices.
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Does anybody know why when I try to use the get_money, put_money functions in <iomanip>, It only dis...

string header

string header
I'm able to use all the string functionality in my program even though I have not declared #include ...

double precision
Thanks for your input. I guess for situations dealing with money it takes a special class to deal wi...

double precision
I am trying to add a series of numbers of type double and there are always precision errors with dou...

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