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1. Coursera | Mountain View City, California
Coursera is a free large public online program founded by two computer science professors at Stanford University in the United States. Designed to work with the world's top universities to offer free online open courses on the Internet.

Coursera's first partner institutions include Stanford University, the University of Michigan, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and other prestigious American schools.

2, Udemy

Udemy not only opens up a variety of courses, but also opens up opportunities for teaching. That is to say, you can be a teacher as long as you want.
Users can learn any course on the platform at any time, or they can set up their own courses to introduce their expertise and knowledge to the world. You are free to set the cost of the course, ranging from free to 250 dollars.

Anyone can make money from lectures, which is different from other companies and is one of the reasons for the explosive growth in the number of users.

3. Khan Academy

It is an educational non-profit organization founded by Salman Khan, a Bangladeshi American, with the main purpose of using online films for free instruction, existing subjects on mathematics, history, Finance, Physics, Chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more than 2000 teaching films, and the mission of the organization is to speed up the learning of students of all ages.

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