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Undefined reference to a class? Why wont it compile
Here's my error [code] /tmp/cc0I08xG.o: In function `main': diceGame.cpp:(.text+0x192): undefine...

Classes, why is this considered bad coding?
[quote] clanmjc (503) May 2, 2012 at 8:49am it should be Dice(int number) where "number" is a param...

Question about class?
I am making a new class/object called monster_all for my first test RPG game. This is my first non p...

Whats a good C++ compiler?
Im transfering colleges and want to continue working with C++ over the summer. I've been using the s...

Classes, why is this considered bad coding?
My program compiles but my teacher said this was considered bad coding? [code] class Dice{ ...

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