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Socket programming Telnet code to connect to a host with userID & password
Hi, Any replies to below. I built this code and it worked (tested on linux) & I get the login prom...

C++ expect library (without TCL) to interact with Linux/Unix host
Hi, I have some what good experience with C/C++ programming but now I have come across a requirem...

Conversion between char & string
Hi All, Thank you very much for all the replies. I managed to combine all the replies above & fixed...

Conversion between char & string
Hi, I have a question on conversion between char & string. I have cut & pasted the part of the c...

stringstream - read a text file to stringstreem but keep line feed /CRLF
Hi Borges, Thanks for the above - new one learnt. That seems to work so far and if any issues, I wi...

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