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[C++] Set Precision with floating point numbers
I'm displaying a table of floating point numbers with [code]setprecision(5)[/code]. If the number is...

[C++] Best way to add and edit a map
My map is simply map<char, float>. I'll be using the [] operator where I'm not sure. Thanks to ever...

[C++] Best way to add and edit a map
[quote]The only time (that I can think of) where operator[] can be useful is when you want to set th...

[C++] Best way to add and edit a map
I have a map that I need to add and edit data. The problem is that I don't always know if I'm adding...

Best way to store this data
Perfect. For some reason I was thinking that didn't exist in C++. Don't know why. Note to self: Goog...