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Bio:Mentoring is an essential element of certification programs and is the key to success. Mentoring Training provides certified professionals with the expertise they need to help others succeed. Mentoring is defined as a relationship between a mentor and an apprentice or student. The mentor is responsible for providing educational, emotional support, skills-exercises, and guidance. In essence, a Mentoring Training program consists of three elements; an educational curriculum, a practice test, and a peer review.

Every state has a Mentoring Policy that outlines the expectations that school leaders, teachers, counselors, and administrators have to provide to students who wish to earn their education. Many states also have policies that outline the types of activities that are expected from students who successfully complete a Mentoring Training program. A successful Mentoring Policy will likely contain at least one of the following keys to effective mentoring; providing educational and professional guidance, developing mentoring relationships with individuals, developing an open and trusting environment, providing students with opportunities for self-leadership, preparing students for higher learning through hands-on activities, preparing students for career transition, developing students for change, encouraging self-reflection, providing inspirational leadership, facilitating communication, and setting classroom standards and goals. Each of these keys highlights the critical importance of Mentoring Training for school leaders.

School administrators and teachers are often the most effective mentors. However, because they are generally not compensated for this role, they may lack the professional development, skills-training, and career transition strategies necessary to move forward in their careers. An effective Mentoring Program allows them to receive the professional development, skills-training, and career transition strategies they need to remain at the top of their game. Students who successfully complete a Mentoring Training program are more likely to achieve their school leaders certification program goals.

As mentioned earlier, every state has a Mentoring Policy. In addition to the policy, some states require teachers and school administrators to complete a specialized Mentoring Training curriculum in order to be considered for teacher certification. If your school does not have a Mentoring Policy or if you are not sure what the requirements are, contact your state board of education for information and/or assistance in obtaining the necessary professional development and certification program information. Some states, such as Tennessee and Minnesota, do not require teachers to complete any additional professional development courses associated with becoming teachers. Other states, such as New York, mandate that teachers complete a specific number of courses in order to teach in the public schools. Regardless, of whether a Mentoring Policy is in place, a qualified teacher can benefit from the professional development and advice that occur during a formal Mentoring Training program.


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