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Name:Michael Jepson
Bio:Researcher / Developer at Swiss Optical Group.
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string x = argv[1]: <Bad Ptr>
Okay, thanks everyone for your help, but it turns out that I was on a false trail here ... The call...

string x = argv[1]: <Bad Ptr>
Hi all, I have looked everywhere (on these forums and elsewhere) but can't find a solution to my pr...

OpenCV 2.4 with Dev C++
Only help I can offer is my guide to install it for Visual C++ 2010. Maybe you can find a solution f...

Vec3f not defined
Well, that was the main problem, I didn't have a clue where the damn thing should have been defined....

Vec3f not defined
I am trying to create a vector<Vec3f> in Visual C++ 2010, but somehow the compiler keeps telling me ...

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