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Name:Nico Schumann
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Bio:Programming is just a hobby to me. At time I'm trying to learn programming with the Qt framework and SFML.
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PPP2 Chapter 14 Exercise 5
Sorry, at time I have no time testing your version. But what I could say is, that you should invoke ...

PPP2 Chapter 14 Exercise 5
Because the color: You must take [code] m_striped_lines.draw()[/code], not [code]m_striped_lines.dra...

PPP2 Chapter 14 Exercise 5
Consider that [code] void draw() [/code] is different to [code] void draw() const [/code]. If yo...

Game help...
If you wish to make it graphically, you need a programming interface for windows with a canvas. A re...

PPP2 Chapter 14 Exercise 5
Try this: [code] Striped_rectangle::Striped_rectangle( const Point &xy , const Col...